Michelle’s positive and constructive guidance catapulted me into realms of creativity and opportunities I never envisioned possible for myself. Her constant professionalism and humanity have allowed me to grow in my career and as a person. — Cindy Busby

Before I started working with Michelle, I was feeling stuck professionally. Michelle helped me clearly define what I wanted and got me to lay out a road map to achieve it. She's the ideal coach. Behind the twinkle in her eye is a wild spark of creativity that gets you to think BIG and open your mind to possibilities you hadn't previously imagined for yourself. When working with Michelle, be prepared for some tough love: she is your biggest cheerleader, but she will also challenge you to make commitments and follow through on them. And you'll be the better for it.   — Mary Bakarich

Michelle inspired me to have some fun instead of all work, work, work. She quickly found the remedy for feeling burnt out and because of her I’m riding a great motivational high after waltzing, foxtrotting and quickstepping my way around the ballroom after a 22 year absence. It was awesome and so is she! - Sarah Cooper

When I met with Michelle, it was the first time in my life that I didn't have a clear goal or direction. She shifted me away from confusion and fear and toward confidence and excitement. Michelle asks interesting questions that I'd never considered and gave me her undivided attention. As I explained what I wanted in my life, she helped me articulate my ideal career, create new goals, and even helped me discover my passion! — Lana M.

I hesitated because I didn't know what a "goals coach" was. If I knew how valuable our sessions were going to be, I would have done it sooner! I especially liked that Michelle held me accountable. I have and will continue to recommend her to others. - Jane Richardson

Michelle blends creativity with business savvy to help clients take the big picture and focus down into do-able bites. She is a great task master and a good listener. Diverse in her skills as coach and business strategist, Michelle is full of passion and professionalism. - Mary Ann Simonds

I wasn’t sure if coaching was going to help me get out of the rut I was in, but I started feeling better after our first session! Michelle got me thinking about opportunities that were right in front of my face that I just couldn’t see. She helped me create a plan and I've grown so much because of her encouragement. I'm more positive, have a new higher paying job I actually like, even my relationship with my husband improved. Michelle is a truly bright star. I can’t thank her enough!— Krystin Gross

I had a fantastic session! She is a great listener and honed in on some of my obstacles straight away (yes, we have them at every level folks!) and then proceeded to give some actionable items to commit to, and then threw in some accountability for extra measure. Nothing like re-calibration at just the right time. — Tina Pruitt

Michelle asks excellent guiding questions that keep me moving in the direction of achieving my short and long-term goals. She's smart, kind, organized, and an excellent listener. — Mary Nardo

Before working with Michelle, I was in a tizzy. That's the best way I can describe it. I had some reservations about myself, but handpicked Michelle because she was the one thing I was sure of.  She's fantastic, and I think with her you're in great hands--she takes the jumble of what I'm thinking and reframes it clearly, simply, and beautifully. She helped me get clarity on ideas that have been brewing for months and years, and execute on them immediately.  I love this woman. Do you like her? Hire her.  Are you reading this page? Hire her — Byron Go