3 Strategies to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

1. Identify What You Want

Taking time to know what you want and why is the key first step to achieving anything. I suggest writing it down in a notebook with a pen or pencil. 

Work // Career, business

Lifestyle // Home, schedule, travel

Finances // Income, savings, debt

Well-being// Fitness, food, energy level 

Creativity // Creative projects, education, hobbies

Relationships // Family, friends, partners, organizations

Spirituality // Connection to life purpose, faith, daily practices


Create a vision of everything that might need to happen to achieve your vision, then prioritize the most important next steps. Schedule the time on your calendar. One hour a week is enough to start anything. Achieving one goal means you've achieved hundreds of smaller goals. 


Each week, review the actions you've taken. Acknowledge your effort. This is key! Evaluate what’s worked well, what hasn’t, then prioritize what's most important to do next. Bonus points for asking yourself, "What would make it fun? How could it be easy?" 

Cheers to this year being your best yet! 🎉